Wall Murals, Wall Graphics or Wallpaper?

February 18, 2018 by giovani

People looking to decorate their spaces, either office, retail or home often uses wall arts with large images to cover the entire wall, however, what is it called? Wall Graphics? Wall Murals or Wallpaper?

All three options are correct, however, there’s a small difference between the options which can help people find the right solutions for their needs.

often uses wall arts with large images to cover the entire wall

in details


Wallpaper usually have set patterns printed, but still can be printed with the digital printing process and have the same effect as the graphics. The difference is that in the installation process, it will require glue and the tiles it comes on does not overlap. Custom Wallpaper printing is requested when you want a different texture on the wall other than having only the flat image.


We call wall mural any large format image that covers the entire space which is the same way wall graphics are done, but Murals doesn’t necessarily have to be printed, it can also be hand painted by an artist who will do it but brush and the art will have a more art painting kind looking than sharp edges.


Wall graphics are digital files, either vector or bitmap art digitally printed with a large format printer on a self-adhesive vinyl material. It usually comes in tiles or panels that are 48“ – 54“ wide and when installed it covers the entire wall with .5“ overlap. The difference in look from a painted wall art is that graphics are sharper and the possibilities on the image to be printed are endless.