6 things to know before you purchase a wallpaper

6 things to know before you purchase a wallpaper

These days it is common to transform your home with wall murals. It is easy to apply and removable! These features create a temptation to give it a try. Before you fall in love with wall murals make sure it’s the right choice for your home. Your interior describes your personality so choose wisely. Here are 6 things that you should consider before buying wallpaper.

Decide the space

This is the most important step to start. Most people ignore this and start finding a wall mural before even analyzing where they will apply this. Consider every small detail – like windows, doors, light passing area, etc; which area you’d like to decorate; Is it just a back wall of your bed or an entrance hallway. Every new finding will lead you to different options. If it’s a large room, then more wall space will be exposed which will lead to a higher expense.

The best way to decide on wall murals is to think if it will be a successful addition to your room. Don’t just buy if others are buying.

Decide the space for wallpaper

Is your wall ready for installation?

This is often overlooked but it is an important aspect of wall decor. Your wall mural will only last as long as it is installed on a properly painted drywall. Poor quality wall paints can lead to tearing murals or even can damage the paint after the mural is removed. BEHR Premium plus paint is a good quality paint recommended by top interior decorators. Let the wall dry for at least 2 weeks after painting. This is an insider tip for a smooth installation.

Wall Mural Installation

Choose the best for your room

There are plenty of wall murals available online to choose from. This makes it difficult to figure out which one is best. Don’t order something based on the first glance. Prior research is always best! Decide if it matches with the rest of your interior decor or furniture. Also make sure that you are not just going with a trend, find something unique. Remember, trends often change after a few months or seasons, so don’t follow it blindly. Take a tour of your entire house and decide what would make your room stand out from others. You can choose from many patterns or photos. Ask for samples, more colour options, and order them when you are completely ready.

Don’t forget the material

Wall murals come in three types of vinyl material: Pasted, Non-pasted, and Self-adhesive. Every vinyl material is different in printing as well as installation. Here at Creative Silhouettes Inc. we sell printed vinyl wall murals with a self-adhesive backing that is easy to install and remove. We use a water-based ink that is eco-friendly and highly durable. While installing self-adhesive vinyl, there is no need for any glue or pasting solution to apply on a wall. Seems Easy, Hurry Up!!

Permanent, Removable or Reusable – what to choose?

Buying wall murals without knowing the type can be very tricky. Wallpapers/murals come in three categories:
Permanent wall murals stick to the walls permanently and when you remove them they can damage the wall paint. These wallpapers are not recommended for home decor and big NO for temporary installations.
Removable and Reusable wall murals are in trend and are the first choice for interior decor. We sell (removable) Matte and Textured (removable & reusable) wallpapers. These wall murals are easily removable without leaving any residue behind. While textured are reusable, you can remove them and can reapply to any wall. Sounds tricky!
Most interior decors recommend their customers to purchase Reusable wallpapers due to their versatile nature.

Finally, installation

This doesn’t end yet; the installation is the last step when it comes to your wall mural. If you are a first-time buyer and the wall you are installing on is large then we highly recommend hiring an expert. Spending a large sum of money on an expensive wall mural and then installing it wrong can ruin the whole design or even the wall. Experts know the tricks, they have hands-on experience, and can change the atmosphere of your room in minutes. Here at Creative Silhouettes Inc we provides installation services around the corner. Hit us up today!

Wall Mural
Explore our beautiful self-adhesive removable wall murals and give a new life to your home interior decor.

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