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Best way to apply car decals

You can promote your business when you are driving. It is so easy to recognize yourself on the road with the help of decals without doing anything. Make the most of your time while on the road with the vehicle decals. Our car decals are durable, customizable, and easy to apply on the front and back of the vehicle. We also provide vehicle installation if you are not sure how to do it. Our car decals are weather-resistant and waterproof, can adhere to harsh weather conditions. Before you buy, know the best way to apply car decals to make the most of it.

If you already have your design or file, then upload it to our custom car decals. Select the height, width, and choose the colour options. If you don’t have any design then get a quote with whatever information you have about the business, we will create for you.

Indoor or Outdoor?

For large decals, we prefer outdoor windows such as logos, brand name etc. While for small decals indoor placement is fine. Indoor decals are safe from weather, climate, and can stay longer.

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Design tips for car decals

Decal Size: Select the large size for vehicle decals, so that it can be recognized from a distance. Usually, small letters are hard to read from a moving vehicle.

Colour Contrast: Always place dark decals on white or light shaded backgrounds. Also, select light decals for dark backgrounds. Color combination is necessary for visibility and to stand out. Although, we recommend using only your brand colours, but if it doesn’t match with your vehicle, then go with standards colours i.e. black and white.

Decal Placement: Place always matters a lot. If you install the decal at a place that is not visible from the front then that would be a huge loss. Contact numbers and company names should be placed on the side windows for easy access.

File Formats: We accept PDF, EPS, and vector files. But if you have JPEG/PNG or another format then also can share with us. We will create it for you.

Need car installation?
Order our custom car decal, and enjoy riding while promoting your business.

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