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Wall decals can range from a simple cutout to a more complex design covering the entire wall. The vinyl wall decals can be made in various different shapes and sizes, however when it needs to be very large, it will come in tiles. Ok, some people get lost there, ­čÖé . Wall decals and lettering are made by a plotter cut or large format printer, the plotters machine comes from 24″ to 60″ wide and the large format printer are usually 54″ wide to 64″wide. Sorry, I almost forgot, some large format printer are 110″ wide but those kind of printer are not used to make decals and stickers, it’s mostly used to print large banners.

Ok, going back to the decals, although the printers comes up to 64″ wide, the adhesive vinyls materials (what the decals are made from) only comes 24″ to 54″ wide by 150′ long which means that, if you want a decal that says “CREATIVE SILHOUETTES IS AWESOME” (nice decal ah?) and you want it in x1 piece we could print 53″ high x 250″ long,┬á however, if you are looking for a 8′ x 8′ wall decal full colour, it will have x2 tile (sections) and when installing it comes with 1″ overlap to align the design easy.

Also, making the wall decals in tiles, helps with the transformation, storage and installation.


As any other printed decals and stickers, floor decals are made the same way; however, it’s a particular adhesive┬ávinyl material that sticks stronger than wall decals and normal stickers. Floors decals are not rated permanent; therefore, their lifespan is usually┬ámax. 6 months to 1 year depending on the foot traffic.

If you are wondering how the printing holds on for floor decals, it’s easy, we add a protective over lamination on the decal which must be ant-slippery that protects the colours and print and at the same time make the stickers┬ádecals a bit rough to avoid people slipping and falling.

Floor decals┬áare made for various surfaces which includes paving, concrete, and even carpets. You wouldn’t┬águess it, would you? ­čÖé

People (especially┬áretail) are using floor decals to direct clients, to call attention in an area that it’s uncommon┬áto advertise, which is the floor, it’s a huge impact and depending on the creativity it really calls peoples attention.

If you are looking for a small floor decal that doesn’t have to hold for too long, you can order it online here.┬á Due to the lamination, it’s straightforward to install and quick turnaround.


The short form to answer What’s a Wall Decals would be a vector art printed and cutout (remove background) on an adhesive vinyl material to install on a wall. The way to make a wall decals is a bit different than other printing processes, in order to make the decal cutout (or remove the background) we need to use a vector file which needs to have the lines converted to outlines. Once the file is right, we send it to print and in any colour required and the large format printers will read the lines from the vector art and laser cut the background.

a Wall Decals would be a vector art printed and cutout (remove background) on an adhesive vinyl material to install on a wall

Once the wall art is all printed and cut by the large format printers, after drying and curing, a member of our team takes the print and remove the background by hand, one by one, can you imagine how long it takes for complicated designs? It’s not over yet, after removing all the background from the design, we add a transferring tape which holds all the design together till installation.

Wall decals are very popular and modern due to not having any background, which means the colour of the wall would be the background of the design looking like it was painted on the wall. Therefore, if your wall is white, never order a white decal or if it’s black never order a black decal┬ásticker. ­čśë

Wall decals are an inexpensive way to decorate any office or home wall because it can be made in almost any size and any shape and takes minutes to install without any glue needed.

For more information, visit our FAQ page, which shows how the decal comes.


People looking to decorate their spaces, either office, retail or home often uses wall arts with large images to cover the entire wall, however, what is it called? Wall Graphics? Wall Murals or Wallpaper?

All three options are correct, however, there’s a small difference between the options which can help people find the right solutions for their needs.

often uses wall arts with large images to cover the entire wall

in details


Wallpaper usually have set patterns printed, but still can be printed with the digital printing process and have the same effect as the graphics. The difference is that in the installation process, it will require glue and the tiles it comes on does not overlap. Custom Wallpaper printing is requested when you want a different texture on the wall other than having only the flat image.


We call wall mural any large format image that covers the entire space which is the same way wall graphics are done, but Murals doesn’t necessarily have to be printed, it can also be hand painted by an artist who will do it but brush and the art will have a more art painting kind looking than sharp edges.


Wall graphics are digital files, either vector or bitmap art digitally printed with a large format printer on a self-adhesive vinyl material. It usually comes in tiles or panels that are 48“ – 54“ wide and when installed it covers the entire wall with .5“ overlap. The difference in look from a painted wall art is that graphics are sharper and the possibilities on the image to be printed are endless.