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As any other printed decals and stickers, floor decals are made the same way; however, it’s a particular adhesive vinyl material that sticks stronger than wall decals and normal stickers. Floors decals are not rated permanent; therefore, their lifespan is usually max. 6 months to 1 year depending on the foot traffic.

If you are wondering how the printing holds on for floor decals, it’s easy, we add a protective over lamination on the decal which must be ant-slippery that protects the colours and print and at the same time make the stickers decals a bit rough to avoid people slipping and falling.

Floor decals are made for various surfaces which includes paving, concrete, and even carpets. You wouldn’t guess it, would you? 🙂

People (especially retail) are using floor decals to direct clients, to call attention in an area that it’s uncommon to advertise, which is the floor, it’s a huge impact and depending on the creativity it really calls peoples attention.

If you are looking for a small floor decal that doesn’t have to hold for too long, you can order it online here.  Due to the lamination, it’s straightforward to install and quick turnaround.