Frosted Film and Clear Vinyl

Frosted film and clear film

Frosted film and Clear film is used to produce designs for windows. The main difference between both of the films is the material that we are using to create window graphics. Clear Vinyl is a transparent film that is printed with customize design options. While the frosted film uses a silver adhesive material which we can also add a design too. If you are looking to create some private meetings room then frosted film is ideal for that. Whereas clear films allow visibility from both sides of glass due to its transparent nature. It is suitable where you want to collaborate with inner departments and requires less privacy.

Frosted Film

Frosted Film for office

The Frosted film and Clear films are made of durable material with adhesive backing. It’s easy to apply to the window or glass and can be removed without causing any damage to the surface. Creative Silhouettes Inc. offers a wide variety of film options. Personalize it by adding colourful elements to both the films and customize the sizes. We are pretty custom about the film sizes. Just add your sizes and order it, we will print for you.

Clear Film

Clear Film for office and home

Where you can use the window graphics?

Window films or graphics are the best way to decorate your office glasses or windows. If your office has little space, then decorate with window graphics. You can install these window graphics to office doors, windows, partitions, and glasses.

For home decoration, apply the graphics to bathroom glass doors or home windows. Creative Silhouettes is offering numerous design pattern for home or office.

Window Film
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