Removable Wall Murals

Matte Vs Textured Murals

Matte Finishing

Matte types of vinyl are designed for indoor as it has a moderate adhesive than other vinyl types. Its finishing is dull comparatively and does not reflect or glare but good for indoor use. You can apply matte vinyl to the well-painted walls, wood surfaces, bathroom, kitchen, any where in your house or office. This is a removable vinyl that is easy to install as well as remove without leaving any residue behind. Mostly, we do not want something permanent to stick to the walls that will make you repaint your wall after you take down the graphic. Matte vinyl is easy to remove and will not damage the paint.

Textured Finishing

Textured vinyl is removable and reusable vinyl for interior décor. You can reposition the mural after it is installed. It has a strong adhesive that makes it reusable. These types of wall murals are perfect for indoor or outdoor. This durable wallcovering is best for high-traffic commercial and residential applications.

All the matte and textured murals are easy to install and remove. We print peel and stick wallpapers with water-based latex ink which is eco-friendly and safe to install in a room or at an external site. You do not need any glue or paste solution to install these self-adhesive murals.

Is the mural is a temporary installation?

Wall murals are the best for temporary applications as do not require any glue to paste on the wall. It has a self-adhesive property that makes it easy to install and remove without damaging the wall. If you are looking for something for few years such as a nursery, baby shower, events, living area, bathroom, or kitchen, then self-adhesive matte or textured wall murals are perfect. This includes wall or wood installation.

Which mural is easy to install?

We print matte and textured murals on self-adhesive vinyl that is PVC Free. Both the vinyl follows the same application in printing as well as installing, just a difference of finishing. We will provide you step to step guide for installing. Check out our mural installation video.
For easy installation, we print 24″ wide rolls that are easy to carry, ship as well install. All the panels are numbered starting from one. If it is a large project, hire us for your mural installation.

Which mural is best for my wall?

Mural selection depends on your choice and wall type. It also matters where you are going to install it. For indoor applications, we recommend installing a Matte finishing mural. Both are printed with high-quality durable material that has self-adhesive property. Your wall should be painted well before the wall mural installation. After paint, wait at least 2-3 weeks and let the wall dry completely.

Explore our stunning collection of removable self-adhesive wall murals and wallpapers.

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