Custom Stickers

Our Custom Stickers are of high quality, reusable and can be peel or re-stuck multiple times.


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    To order Exact Cut Transfer Decals you must provide a vector graphic. File extension must be a vector, PDF, .EPS. If you don't have the right file send us what you have and if it doesn't work we will contact you within 1 buz. day.

    Custom Stickers

    Custom Stickers are durable and made of high quality. These are reusable stickers and can be re stuck 100 times and will never leave any glue or damage to the surface. Just let us know the sizes that you want, Creative Silhouettes will create an excellent design for you. Its excellent quality and printing material will cheer your day and will make your surface outstanding.

    You can order stickers in bundles with custom dimensions as per your requirements. The maximum stickers you will order, the max discount you will get. Our clients range from the largest companies in Canada to startups, designers, store owners, and personal projects. Our focus is to make easy and affordable to purchase stickers online. We don’t have min. size and neither minimum order quantities. If you need just a small sticker we are the company to work with. Order it and get for delivery in 2-3 business days.



    Eco-Friendly Print

    Eco-Friendly Print

    Great reviews

    Great reviews

    Where to place stickers?

    If you are thinking where I can place my sticker than you must know it can fit anywhere that includes laptops, mugs, wood surfaces, frames or anything. Just order the sticker and try it now.

    We are offering these bundle stickers for your office or labels. If you require large quantity stickers then you are at right place. The more you order, the more you save. These are peel and stick stickers easy to apply and remove and can stick to any surface. So just select the quantity and order it now. We ship the order in 2-3 business days. Hurry up!

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    How peel and stick sticker is different from other stickers?

    Our peel and stick stickers are easy to use and can apply in easy steps. These stickers do not leave any residue behind while removing. You can apply directly to the surface without preparing any installation solution.

    How large custom sticker I can order?

    We are pretty custom about the size of custom stickers. You can order any size for custom sticker. Also, we don’t have any minimum size orders. Just enter the dimensions, upload your file, and order your sticker; whatever the size is. We recommend you to order large stickers for your corporate office as it represent the branding.

    Where I can place the sticker?

    Custom stickers are easy and affordable solutions for the small things décor. You can print a quote and place it at your desk, laptop, phone, cup board, anywhere. If you have your slogan then you can place it in your reception and office cabins.

    If you are producing a large amount of packaging, then use the stickers as labels for boxes and promote your branding. Label your company name and product information and sell it with our stickers.

    There are numerous places where you can install the stickers, it just matters your choice and the location where you want to fit it rightly.

    Which type of file I can upload?

    We are accepting vector graphics to print high resolution and supreme quality. Here are file formats you can upload:

    • PDF
    • EPS
    • SVG/Vector
    • JPEG/PNG

    How to install a sticker?

    It is easy to install peel and stick sticker. We are providing the transfer tape for the easy installation. Follow the following steps for the installation process:

    • Peel back from the transfer tape and sticker.
    • Place the sticker on the surface and rub down over it.
    • Remove the transferring tape at a sharp angle carefully.

    How to remove a sticker?

    Installing and removing a sticker is easy. These are peel and stick stickers that can be apply easily.

    • Firstly, start removing the sticker from the top corner.
    • If you are having difficulty removing the sticker, then use the blow dryer to heat the sticker corner.
    • When you apply the heat, then start from the heated corner to peel the sticker.

    Can I pay using credit card?

    Yes, you can pay using your credit card with our Stripe Credit Card method. You can also pay using your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, still you can pay with a credit card. Just select the pay with a credit card option on the PayPal page.

    How long it takes to ship my order?

    Our design and production team start working as soon as you place the order. We are offering a fast turnaround in 2-3 business days.

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