Custom Wall Decals

Custom Wall decal is also known as custom vinyl cut stickers, custom vinyl lettering, or custom wall decals, our custom wall decal comes with pre-mask transfer to apply the design directly to any surface. The wall decals are available in any colour, they’re highly durable and ideal for flat surface use.


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    To order Exact Cutout decals you must provide a vector graphic (PDF). If you don't have the right file send us what you have and if it doesn't work we will contact you within 1 biz. day.

    What are Custom Wall Decals?

    Easy to install | Eco-friendly

    Custom Wall decal is any cutout sticker or lettering to display on walls for branding and store information. Wall decals are basically designed to display your logo, sticker. or other graphic designs for home and office decor.One-Stop-Shop

    Creative Silhouettes is offering custom wall decal, for any size and shape. You just have to provide us height, width, and upload your file/logo, we will print for you. These removable wall decals can accent any space and will bring life to your office or bedroom walls. You can place the decals at your reception area, office cabins, cafeteria, study room, and bedroom. This can fit to any space.

    Wall Decal
    Made to Size

    Made to Size

    We can print custom wall decals as large as needed. From small to large scale.

    No Background

    No Background

    Wall decals are cutout and comes with a transfer tape to hold all together till the installation.

    Eco-Friendly Print

    Eco-Friendly Print

    We are eco minded! We use Latex printers and recycle packages and tubes.

    Need an installation for your wall decal?

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    How to order custom wall decal online?

    Made for Office - Home - Retail and More.
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    Select your product

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    Need more information about large wall decals?

    Custom wall decals are made to accent any empty wall you may have in your home or office. The best way to customize your space without having to paint the entire wall, you can add photos, wall decal lettering quotes, which are very popular, and any design you may like. We make it easy to order custom wall decals in Toronto and we ship across Canada and the USA. Custom wall decals are not only cost-effective but also very easy to install; it comes with easy to follow instructions and a small decal for you to test before installing. You can choose from many designs we already have made here, or you can send us your file, and we will print your new custom wall decal and ship within two days from the order date, yes, we are that fast.

    All custom wall decals are full print which means you can send it on any colour and comes with the background removed which will go perfect with any wall colour and of course the custom wall decal also comes with a transfer tape that holds it all together for easy installation of the custom wall decal to the wall, just like the photo above.

    Wondering what is wall decals used for?

    We print and make about 5.000 custom wall decals per year. We print many called decorative wall decals, which are custom wall decals as flowers and shape designs from small and large sizes. Company logo wall decal is trendy, if you are looking to brand your office and don’t have the budget for a reception sign, your company logo made as a custom wall decal is a great way to brand your office because it’s easy, fast and looks very professional compared to wall stickers. Many companies and home offices also look for motivational custom wall decal quotes, which are cut-out lettering wall decal that can be done in any colour. It sure accents any space with the right quote and motivational message.

    Are all wall decals removable?

    We print wall decals on mid-tack vinyl adhesive, which means it’s removable, however, not reusable. The custom wall decals are cutout decals that will come out in pieces and can’t be reused.

    How do I install my LARGE wall decal?

    That’s easy of it all! If your custom wall decal is small, you can do it yourself by watching the video below or by following the instruction that comes with it. If you order a LARGE custom wall decal, then we can install it for you. That’s right; you read it right, we can install it for you. You order the decal online and send us an email at Include the order number and the address, and we will give a custom quote price for the installation. Still, we know, we know you want to see a ballpark, so here it is. For a custom large wall decal about 6′ x 10′, it would be $125 for the installation. Why do we recommend us doing? because after we install, we will give you a 1-year warranty and it will be worry-free. 🙂

    Wall Sticker Installation instructions

    Maintaining Wall Decals

    Custom Wall Decals or custom vinyl decals are a great way to decorate your home or office walls. Your job not just done with the installation, it is also necessary to maintain the wall decals for their long-lasting. Our wall graphics are printed with durable and high-quality material and last for almost 5 years if handled properly.

    There are some restrictions for using cleaners while cleaning wall decals due to their printed material. Follow these steps to clean your wall decal:

    • Firstly, clean the wall decal with fabric soft cloth to remove the dust.
    • If your decal is installed at very high busy streets or traffic, then use some mild soapy water to firmly clean it.
    • Do not use the excess water to clean the decal as it can affect adhere property.
    • Best to use only a little soap mixed with water, and avoid the hard chemical substances for cleaning.
    Cleaning Cloth

    Removing Wall Decals

    Wall decals are easy to install and remove. The removal of wall decals depends on the wall condition and decal type. Sometimes decal left a residue, that is easy to remove with a simple solution. You just need to follow the below steps to remove the wall decal:

    • Firstly, start removing the decal from the top corner, sometimes decals can be easily stuck out.
    • If you are having difficulty removing the decal, then use the hair dryer to heat the decal corner.
    • When you apply the heat, then start from the heated corner to peel the decal.
    • If you see any residue behind, then use the soapy water to clean the wall. You can also use the adhesive remover to clean the glue or remaining residue.


    How custom wall decal is differ from ready to print wall decals?

    Custom wall decal or read to print wall decal is the same thing, but for custom wall decal you need to provide the design/file for printing. Whereas ready to print wall decals are premade decal designs created by us. For ready to print decals, you just need to select the sizes or colour, we will print for you.

    How large custom decals I can order?

    We are pretty custom about the size of wall decals. You can order any size for custom wall decals. Also, we don’t have any minimum size orders. Just enter the dimensions, upload your file, and order your decal; whatever the size is.

    Where I can place the wall decal?

    Wall decals are easy and affordable solutions for home and office decor. These decals can accent any space. You can use the wall decal as your branding name or logo to display in office space such as the reception area and entrance hall. You can also showcase some famous quotes, your company slogans, and values in your office cabins or meeting rooms.

    In addition, decorating home walls are also in trend with wall decals. Put motivational quotes in the study room and inspire your visitors with a beautifully printed wall decal quote. Bedroom renovation with a stylish wall decal is an awesome idea. Place the leaf or floral decals on the main wall of your bedroom and change the appearance of the room.

    There are numerous places where you can install your wall decal, it just matters your choice and the location where you want to fit it rightly.

    What is the lifespan for the wall decal?

    Usually, our wall decals stay up to 5 years if handled properly. The location of decal also matters as indoor wall decals are in less contact with dirt so stays longer. Whereas outdoor wall decals are more expose to the direct sunlight or UV rays.

    Which type of file I can upload?

    We are accepting vector graphics to print high resolution and supreme quality. Here are the file formats you can upload:

    • PDF
    • EPS
    • SVG/Vector
    • JPEG/PNG

    How to install a custom wall decal?

    It is easy to install a wall decal. We are providing the transfer tape for easy installation. Follow the following steps for the installation process:

    • Peel back from the transfer tape and decal.
    • Place the decal on the wall and rub it down over it.
    • Remove the transferring tape at a sharp angle carefully.

    How to remove a wall decal?

    Installing and removing a wall decal is easy. Usually, our wall decals leave no residue behind, but if it does then clean it with soapy water or use the adhesive cleaner.

    • Firstly, start removing the decal from the top corner, sometimes decals can be easily stuck out.
    • If you are having difficulty removing the decal, then use the hairdryer to heat the decal corner.
    • When you apply the heat, then start from the heated corner to peel the decal.

    Can I pay using credit card?

    Yes, you can pay using your credit card with our Stripe Credit Card method. You can also pay using your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, still you can pay with a credit card. Just select the pay with a credit card option on the PayPal page.

    How long it takes to ship my order?

    Our design and production team start working as soon as you place the order. We are offering a fast turnaround in 2-3 business days.

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