Dry Erase Wall Sticker

Dry Erase Wall Sticker can be made in any size and shape. If you want just square, enter your sizes and if you need it printer or cut to shape, upload your file.


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    Dry erase wall sticker

    Creative Silhouettes’ Dry erase wall sticker will turn your wall or surface into a band new whiteboard. It’s a self-adhesive wall decal that peels and sticks to any flat surface. Tables, frames and furniture can be turned into a whiteboard with easy installation. Get creative with the dry erase wall decal, organize your daily tasks, your grocery shopping, or use it as large scale for an office meeting and cover the full walls.

    Made to size

    Made to size

    We can customize it any size and shape.

    Peel and Stick

    Peel and Stick

    Easy installation and easy removal.

    High Quality

    High Quality

    Print with protective lamination.

    Dry erase wall sticker for office and home:

    Commonly use for offices, our dry erase wall decal can be made on any size and can have any preprint you need. All charts, tables, logos and anything you want to customize your custom dry erase wall decal.

    Our dry erase wall stickers are removable and won’t damage your wall. We know kids like to write everywhere, so let them be creative and write on your surface with our dry erase wall sticker. Not only for kids, but our dry erase wall decal can also help you with remembering tasks and leaving that note for your roommate. Choose the size you need, upload your file if you have any, or we will make it just as a clean and beautiful whiteboard.

    Here you will find some other useful information:

    • Stain-proof and erases cleanly with no-ghosting
    • Flexible and easy to install no tools required
    • Cut-to-fit surface allows you to customize
    • Refinish an existing chalkboard to a new and clean surface finishing
    • No screws needs for installation
    • No glue after removing

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