Custom Floor Sticker

Our Corona virus Floor decals and Floor Stickers are made to show your message on any floor. Great for grocery stores and public places, our floor decals are durable and resistant.


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    Non- Slippery Lamination

    Non- Slippery Lamination

    Our floor decals are water resistant and comes with non-slippery lamination.



    Made for buys walk traffic and from 6 months durability.

    Easy to install

    Easy to install

    Made for an easy installation on any clean and flat surface.

    Custom Floor Decal

    Floor Stickers or Graphics are the best way for branding, promotion, and other advertisements. These floor graphics can also work as signages to show directions in weddings, ceremonies, events, businesses, stores, and offices. It’s not the location that matters most, as floor graphics can get everyone’s attention. They are famous for marketing purposes and you might see social distancing floor stickers these days.

    Our floor decals or stickers are printed with high-quality material and latex ink. Enter the sizes, upload your file, and order the floor sticker, we will print for you.

    floor decal cutout

    Floor Sticker for Events

    Commonly used for offices and events, floor decals or stickers are in high demand as directional signage in ceremonies or stores. These are also popular to display event information or branding name on a sticker. They usually range from 12″ to 18″ in diameter. We can print your logo and design with any message that best suits your need.
    Here you will find some more useful information:

    • Durability 6 – 12 months.
    • Anti-slippery protection lamination.
    • Remove without residue.
    • Cut to any shape and size.
    • Easy installation.

    Social Distancing Floor Stickers

    Floor Stickers proved very useful to maintain social distancing at stores, retail, offices, and events. Maintain 6 feet distance between your customers or visitors with our social distancing stickers. These stickers are durable and made of high-quality material and designed for carpet, rough, and smooth surfaces.

    Enter the size, select the surface, upload your file/image, and we will print for you. If you are looking for pre-designed social distancing stickers then check our covid prints.

    Pre-designed Social Distancing stickers

    Do you need large quantities?

    Fill out this form and we will get back to you with a custom price. Check our business website if you need installation and other office signs.

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    Maintaining Custom Floor Stickers

    It is mandatory to properly take care of the floor stickers for their long durability. Keep the following points in mind while installing floor graphics:

    • Choose the right location for floor stickers such as wood, concrete, tile, and vinyl.
    • Before installing the floor stickers, examine the surface carefully. There would be no cracks, holes, and the surface should be smooth.
    • If you have filled your holes then let the surface dry completely before you install your floor sticker.
    • Always keep the floor graphic area clean and dry.
    • Use the scratch-free cloth with soapy water to clean the marks that come from the people’s shoes or from shopping cart trollies.
    • Wipe it with little water, do not let the water sit on the floor sticker for long, as it may damage it.
    Cleaning Cloth


    What is custom floor sticker?

    Custom floor sticker or decal is a great way to showcase your offers, sales, and promotions. These are removable, non-slip, and durable. You can apply these floor stickers to any surface such as concrete, wood, carpet, and tiles.

    How large custom floor stickers I can order?

    We are pretty custom about the size of floor stickers. You can order any size for custom floor stickers. Also, we don’t have any minimum size orders. Just enter the dimensions, upload your file, and order your decal; whatever the size is.

    Does it cost different for rough or carpet?

    The prices are the same for all types of surfaces. Just provide us the size of your file/image, we will print for you.

    Where I can use the floor sticker?

    Custom Floor stickers or decals are durable and affordable choices for marketing, promotion, and advertising. These days social distancing stickers are also very popular in offices, stores, and halls to maintain 6 feet physical distancing. We are offering pre-designed social distancing stickers in different sizes and colours.

    If you are offering huge sales then display it as a floor graphic in the entrance. Floor stickers cannot be ignored by anyone so does not matter where you are placing. Direct your customers or visitor using directional floor stickers. We can print any size of custom floor sticker, just decide the size, upload your file, and we will print for you.

    What is the lifespan for the custom floor sticker?

    Usually, our custom floor sticker stay up to 6 months. The location of decal also matters, as indoor stickers are less contact with dirt so stays longer. Whereas outdoor stickers are more in the contact with direct sun light and UV rays.

    Which type of file I can upload?

    We are accepting vector graphics to print high resolution and supreme quality. Here are file formats you can upload:

    • PDF
    • EPS
    • SVG/Vector
    • JPEG/PNG

    Can I order stickers in bundles?

    Yes, you can order as many quantities as you want. We are offering up to a 20% discount if you order 2 or more stickers.

    We are also offering peel and stick custom bundle stickers at a discount. The max you order, the max discount you will get.

    How to install a custom floor sticker?

    These are peel and stick floor stickers that are easy to install and remove. Follow the following steps for the installation process:

    • Peel back from the transfer tape and sticker.
    • Place stickers on the surface and rub over it.
    • Remove the transferring tape at a sharp angle carefully.

    Can I install my sticker without any help?

    Yes, you can do it. Our floor stickers are peel and stick that are easy to install and remove.

    Can I pay using credit card?

    Yes, you can pay using your credit card with our Stripe Credit Card method. You can also pay using your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, still you can pay with a credit card. Just select the pay with a credit card option on the PayPal page.

    How long it takes to ship my order?

    Our design and production team start working as soon as you place the order. We are offering a fast turnaround in 2-3 business days.

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