Window Frosted Vinyl

The window frosted vinyl film provides privacy and endless stunning design options. Our custom frosted vinyl graphics simulate the effect of etched glass. Frosted glass vinyl film allows some light to get through but it is opaque enough to provide privacy for conference rooms or other sensitive areas.

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*Finishing: Silver


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    To order Exact Cut Transfer Decals you must provide a vector graphic. File extension must be a vector, PDF, EPS. If you don't have the right file send us what you have and if it doesn't work we will contact you within 1 biz. day.
    Add Privacy

    Add Privacy

    Partial or full privacy

    Made to Size

    Made to Size

    We can make it any size need

    Custom Colours

    Custom Colours

    Comes in silver and can be printed in any colour.

    What you need to know about custom window frosted vinyl graphics:

    Window frosted vinyl graphics is a decorative film that you can apply on glass for privacy or branding. It will give your office or store a perfect professional look with a modern and fresh look while branding and providing privacy.

    Sometimes called etched glass vinyl, distraction window graphics, and frosted window decals, our window frosted vinyl graphic comes in rolls of 48″ or 60″ wide and can be cut out in any shape or printed on any colour. Large office windows require a 2″ high banding installed in the middle of the panel and the frosted vinyl graphic is the perfect way to pass safety code standards while branding and having a look. In other words, it’s a fast way to be physically and elevate your visual office space with high-end designs.

    What to know for installation of frosted graphic

    Window frosted vinyl graphics will give you a professional look and needs a professional installation. If you are looking for smaller sizes then you can’t install just like a regular window decal, it must be installed as a wet application and wait a bit to dry for it really adheres to the window. For larges sizes such as 48″ x 48″ we strongly recommend hiring us to install. Our installation services start at $175 and we need to book at least 5 days in advance. Send us an email to book an appointment and order installation.

    Frosted vinyl graphics are meant to be permanent, therefore, when you need to have it removed, it will be a bit difficult. We advise either hiring us or another company to removing it or using a heat gun. After removal, it will surely not damage the glass.Featured on YourStory

    Readymade Window Graphics

    Window graphics serve the multi-purpose by filling the empty and blank glass space with the beautiful window patterns and to adhere the privacy. Blank and empty glasses can make the office space dull and boring whereas window graphics can make the space beautiful and attractive. Creative Silhouettes also offering ready to print window graphics for your office or home window doors or glasses. We are using high quality and latex printers for window graphics print.

    Ordering a window film is very easy. You just have to select the design, enter height, width, and order it. We ship your order within 2-3 business days.

    Window Film

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