Hexagon Shaped Wall Graphic

Re-decorate your home or office with the hexagon shaped wall graphic. This light coloured print can accent any space.

*Production: 1-3 Buz. days + Shipping.
*Shipping: $15 Canada Post Expedite 1-4 biz. days or free pick up.


Please enter the size of the wall you will be installing the graphic on. The design will be scaled based on the overall height and width you enter above.


The Hexagon Shaped Wall Graphic is the trendy and digital printed design for home or office decor. Redecorate your office walls, or give a brand new look to your home with our hexagon shaped wall graphic. It is an ideal choice for the visitor and guest rooms. This beautiful wall graphic will change the appearance of your surface. Our wall graphics are easy to install, and designed in an eco-friendly environment. Due to its durable nature, our wall graphics can last up to 3+ years on indoor applications.

Our clients range from the largest companies in Canada to startups, designers, store owners, and personal projects. All the wall graphic patterns have excellent finishing and offer high quality. Our focus is to make it easy and affordable to purchase wall graphics online. We don’t have a min. size and neither minimum order quantities. Order it and get for delivery in 2-3 business days. Click here to see more wall graphic designs.

Made to Size

Made to Size

We can print as large as needed and all large prints comes in 48″ wide tiles.



No glue or mess to install easy as peel and stick.

Eco-Friendly Print

Eco-Friendly Print

We are eco minded! We use Latex printers and recycle packages and tubes.

What is Wall Graphic?

Wall graphic, wallpaper, wall covering, or wall mural is a great way to decorate your walls. Instead of having paintings, frames, wall graphics can change the appearance of your wall. It comes in tiles and printed on vinyl. This cover up your entire wall, however, you can customize the size according to your requirements.

Creative Silhouettes is printing and installing wall graphics using latex ink which is eco-friendly and durable. We do not have any minimum order requirements, so you can order a wall graphic of any size.

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Install wall graphics and murals by yourself

While it’s straightforward to install the peel and stick wall graphic, we recommend hiring a professional to do so. We do offer installation services and can install across Canada and the USA starting at $175. If you install on your wall and get tired of it, you can easily remove it from the wall. and if the wall is in the good condition with paint, it should come out without any problem.

Wall graphic comes in tiles and you need a plan for graphic installation. The installation might take 30 minutes to one hour depends on the size of the wall graphic. You also need a person who may be your friend or any colleague to install the wallpaper with you. Follow the following steps for the installation process:

  • Unroll the wallpaper and separate the tiles. Identify each panel and arrange it in the hanging order on the floor. Each tile is numbered at the bottom left.
  • Ensure the first panel is hung straight. This is vital for the successful installation of your graphic. Please make sure the first tile is hung, and carefully smooth away any bubbles or ripples using a soft brush or squeegee.
  • When hanging multiple tiles, your graphic is printed with a 10 ml overlap. Visually match the image at the join and smooth out. Adjust the position until the pattern completely matches.
  • Continue the previous stages of each tile until all panels are installed. Trim away any excess wallpaper using a straight edge and a sharp blade. Sit back and enjoy your hard work.

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