Peony Flowers Wall Decal

Decorate your space with our beautiful Peony Flowers Wall decal. Eco-friendly and easy to install.

  • OVERALL SIZE: 50″ X 50″
  • WALL DECAL DURABILITY: 3-5 years indoors
  • BEST INSTALL: Smooth / Semi-smooth surface
  • WHAT YOU RECEIVE: Wall decal with masking tape + Instruction

$94.16 $100.75

Peony Flowers Wall Decal is a modern wall decal/sticker. It is printed on High-quality material and cutout to shape without any background around. It gives you the flexibility to place and décor the flowers as you like and best fit your space. White walls are boring and the Peony Flower Wall Decal is an elegant design that can accent any wall either in a home or even office. You can order multiple quantities to cover large walls or to repeat the pattern. This peony decal is ideal for bedroom or living area décor.

Our package include full decal installation instructions. Order it online and get ready for shipping in 2-3 business days.



Our new printing system has a 100% energy star certified rating and the materials we now use are 55% more recyclable.



Cutting edge design courses through our veins and we are constantly on the look out for new inspiration.



Our collaboration is guaranteed to leave you with a beaming smile and a stunning decal graphic.

What is Wall Decal?

Wall decal, cutout decal, or vinyl cut stickers come with pre-mask transfer to apply the design directly to any surface. If you have a small space to cover up then wall decals are ideal. We provide the transfer tape with a wall decal that is easy to peel off. We are offering multiple sizes and colours for wall decals to stand out on your wall.

Creative Silhouettes is printing and installing wall decals using latex ink which is eco-friendly and durable. We do not have any minimum order requirements, so you can order a wall decal or sticker of any size.

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Maintain your wall decal

Wall decals are a great way to decorate your home or office walls. Your job not just done with the installation, it is also necessary to maintain the wall decals for their long-lasting. Our wall graphics are printed with durable and high-quality material and last for almost 5 years if handled properly.

There are some restrictions for using cleaners while cleaning wall decals due to their printed material. Follow these steps to clean your wall decal:

  • Firstly, clean the wall decal with fabric soft cloth to remove the dust.
  • If your decal is installed at very high busy streets or traffic, then use some mild soapy water to firmly clean it.
  • Do not use the excess water to clean the decal as it can affect adhere property.
  • Best to use only a little soap mixed with water, and avoid the hard chemical substances for cleaning.
Cleaning Cloth

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