Spaceship Wall decal Kids room

byCreative Silhouettes Team Cut-out Collection

  • DURABILITY: 3-5 years indoors
  • BEST INSTALL: Smooth / Semi-smooth surface
  • INSTALL DIFFICULTY: Easy (20min)
  • PACKAGE: Tubes + Instruction



The Spaceship Wall decal Kids room is creative decal for any nursery. The decal pieces can be spread out and installed the way you want.
As all printed decals and wall graphics  it’s easy to install and comes with step by step instruction. The decal is cutout without the background and comes with a transfer tape that hold it all together and for easy installation.
Why Choose Us?

    Our new printing system has a 100% energy star certified rating and the materials we now use are 55% more recyclable.


    Cutting edge design courses through our veins and we are constantly on the look out for new inspiration.


    Our collaboration is guaranteed to leave you with a beaming smile and a stunning decal graphic.


Comes with:

x1 Spaceship Decal

x2 Cloud Decal

x1 Shotting Star Decal

x45 Stars Decals

x20 Dots Decals

x1 Half Moon Decal

*For all the colours the moon and shooting star decals always comes in yellow.