Wall Mural and Decal Installation

Book your wall decal, window decal, wall mural, and vehicle decal installation with us and get it done on time. Get free estimate for your print and installation.


We will confirm your installation date within 24 hours, after your booking. The bookings are for up to 12 feet height only.

Why hire us?

We offer installation services for decals, graphics, windows, and cars. Printing a good quality design is not only important if it doesn’t install well. You can also install yourself if it is a small decal or sticker. For large printing, we recommend you to hire a professional for the wall decal installation. The wall decal installation also depends on the type of surface, if it is indoors or outdoor. It is required to take care of the surface issues before you apply the decal such as wet, without paint, rough, and holes.

We are a team of professionals who have installed approximately 900 designs and they install 3-5 projects in a week. For large projects, you can request a site survey. That’s a $125 fee which will be deducted if you end up ordering a large project with us. Our team will come, bring samples, ideas, measuring the wall, and test the vinyl’s graphics. Through the site survey, you will get an idea about the material type and sizes. Our team will take the measurements and will also show you the options.

Eco-Friendly Print

Eco-Friendly Print

Printed with latex water base inks.

Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service

Get in touch with us and get your queries resolved.

Fast Installation

Fast Installation

Book in advance for quick installation services.

How can I book for installation?

If you already placed the order, then book the installation by following the above steps or send email to info@creativesilhouettes.ca with the order number and date for the installation. We will get back to you within 24 hours with the estimated price and installation date.

If you still haven’t placed the order and need an estimate for both installation and print services, request a quote through the form, we will give you the estimated value and time. We are a professional in printing and installing wall decals and graphics in Canada and the USA. We charge $175 for installation depends on the size of your design or graphic.

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Maintain your print

The job not just done with the installation, it is also necessary to maintain the wall decals and graphics for their long-lasting. Our designs are printed with durable and high-quality material and last for almost 5 years if handled properly.

There are some restrictions for using cleaners while cleaning wall decals and graphics due to their printed material. Follow these steps to clean it:

  • Firstly, clean the wall design with fabric soft cloth to remove the dust.
  • If your decal is installed at very high busy streets or traffic, then use some mild soapy water to firmly clean it.
  • Do not use the excess water to clean the decal as it can affect adhere property.
  • Best to use only a little soap mixed with water, and avoid the hard chemical substances for cleaning.
Cleaning Cloth

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