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Tips for decorating rental property

Living in a rental space has its own perks but in some cases, you cannot do much to decorate your space to make it more homely. Usually, playing with posters or wallpapers is restricted. But now you can enjoy decorating your walls with removable wallpapers to give the space a new look. Here are some amazing options for your home décor that are less restrictive when it comes to make your space appealing.

Decorate with peel and stick wall murals

Creative Silhouettes Inc. offers removable temporary wallpapers to decorate rental property. These self-adhesive wall murals can last up to years and you can easily remove them without leaving any residue behind. They are super easy to install without having any prior knowledge. The peel and stick patterns are best to have in a bedroom, living, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, etc. It can change the appearance of your space. Accent the giant walls of your room with beautiful and colourful graphics without damaging the paint.

It is super easy to put removable murals on a wall without any expertise. You can create a charming and fascinating interior space with the help of wallpapers. Choose one for your home from our stunning wallpaper collection.

Peel & stick removable wallpapers

Refurbish your furniture

Be creative and organize your furniture with the peel & stick wallpapers. Self-adhesive and removable wallpapers can be used for cupboard décor, contact paper for tables, chest drawers, kitchen shelves, book storage, and many more. Basically, it can be placed anywhere without thinking about the wall damage or paint. You can even try a different kind of wallpaper for every room or for open areas to give a unique experience. If living in a rental space is giving you a boring and dull experience, then use temporary wallpapers at affordable prices.

Furniture Decor

Use floral patterns

Flowers or leaf wallpapers are great choices. Bring a faux garden into your home. Natural-looking murals create a different aura in a room and bring positive energy. This is an inexpensive and mind-blowing decorating idea that will change the appearance of your home.
Removable and calming floral wallpapers also give your room plenty of white space, while still bringing some colour into the room. Explore more floral ideas for rental decoration.

Floral Wallpaper

Make your walls attractive

A common tactic to make your room attractive is to use high-quality or bright LED lights. However, you can’t always play with lights or furniture in the rental property unless you get permission from the landlord or rental agency. If you want to make your basement sparkle or beam then take a look at our colourful wallpapers. Having a lot of white space or gloomy walls isn’t very appealing to the eye. Add life to your room by installing beautiful and trendy wall murals in your apartment.

Decorate your rental space with removable and self-adhesive wall murals

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