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Why offices are using decals?

Wall decals or window decals are growing day by day and completing the demand of office décor at affordable prices. There is always a question that why offices are using decals? Businesses has numerous ways to use the decals to showcase their products, menus, office hours, and many more. Decals are not only meant for decoration purposes but also helpful for increasing sales. People always love colourful graphics that attract the visitors to your stores or offices. Decals can adhere to multiple surfaces such as door, windows, glass, wall, wood, etc. Here are some popular ways where your office can use decals:


Display company logos or values to your interior walls or glasses. This is a very common and famous way of branding. Such ways give you multiple options along with product or business card logos. It makes a big impact by displaying your company logo as decals to your walls or windows. You can choose size or colour according to your wall and interior. Click here to order now!

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Inspire your team

Motivate your team by displaying motivational quote decals to your office walls. Every time your team see the wall with inspirational quotes that will boost their energy. This can also help the team to maintain a healthy environment. Creative Silhouettes offering beautiful quote decal in different size and colours.

Display store hours

Showcasing the store hours on front windows is pretty common and trendy way. You can choose your logo or other shapes to display the hours. This type of decal is a good way to provide essential information to your customers. In this pandemic, it is great to display masks or other essential requirements before entering the office or store using window decals.

Sales display

Display your Black Friday or Christmas sales on front windows using decals. Removable decals are the best way to showcase the sales or special discounts. People can easily see the best price value if you use decals on your entrance wall or window. The pretty cool thing about decals is that you can remove them easily after the event.

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Affordable renovation

If you are thinking to renovate your office then decals are affordable than any other means. You can makeover your office walls with removable decals that are inexpensive and you can change it whenever you want. You do not need to worry about the screws or bolts to hang the big posters or frames to fill the empty wall. These removable wall decals can go with any wall colour or you can choose any contrast for your wall décor.

Easy and versatile

Wall or window decal is an easy way to display your logo, office hours, and other graphics for decoration. Creative Silhouettes is printing these decals with latex ink using high quality material. Decals can last up to 3-5 years on all indoor applications if maintained properly. All the decals comes with installation process that is easy to follow and apply.

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Improve your sales or get connect with customers using window or wall decals

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